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Information Systems Department


Since the day of establishment high priority activity of Information Systems Department has been organization and conduction of scientific researches and projects devoted to the topic “Models, Methods and Procedures of Use of Information Systems in the Process of Enterprise Management (Technical and Economical Aspects)”. 

Within the frameworks of systematic approach scientific work is organized on the basis of the following four directions: “Improvement of Methods of Organization and Development of Information Systems of Control at an Enterprise”, “Systematic Simulation of Economics”, “Procedures of Control Automation of an Enterprise on the Basis of Rule-Oriented Expert Systems and Artificial Neural Networks” and “Pedagogical Conditions of Development of Professional Competences of Bachelor Students of Information Systems Department”.

Scientific laboratory that develops electronic learning aids designed for education of the bachelors of Information Systems Department within the frameworks of competency building approach was established at the department. More than 200 electronic textbooks, interactive educational systems, study guides and laboratory courses have been developed for the subjects studied at the Information Systems Department.

Teachers of the department develop electronic textbooks and educational programs for various departments of the university.

Scientific researches of the students of Information Systems Department are combined by the scientific society in the category “Design of Information Systems”. 

Scientific directions

From the day of its foundation, the priority direction of the Department of Information Systems has been the organization and conduct of research and development on the topic "Models, methods and algorithms for using information systems in the process of enterprise management (technical and economic aspect)".

 Scientific activity at the department is carried out in accordance with the plan of scientific activity for 2020, which includes:
  • Participation in national and international competitions of scientific projects with funding, the implementation of grant and contractual work
  • Dissertation research (by profile, PhD)
  • Implementation of research results in the educational process and production
  • Publication of scientific works of teaching staff, doctoral students, incl. monographs
  • Patent activity and copyright registration
  • Conducting and participating in scientific events

as well as Research work of students.