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Department of Mathematics and Physics

About the Department
Utemisova Anar Altaevna Full name
Head of the Department Position
Candidate of pedagogical Sciences Scientific degree Email address

The Department of mathematics is the oldest Department in the University with an established team and established traditions. The beginning of the Department of mathematics is connected with the organization of a two-year teachers ' Institute on the basis of the Kostanay pedagogical school in August 1939. One of the created departments was the Department of physics and mathematics. After the transformation of the teachers ' Institute into a pedagogical Institute in July 1955, the Department of physics and mathematics was divided.

The first head of the Department of mathematics was G. R. Yankelevich. Later, the mathematical departments were headed by Shamgunov K. D., Elfimov L. I., Chumachenko V. A., Korentsova M. M., Omarov R. B., Weber V. A., Mayer F. F., Seidalin T. M., Kuzhukeev Zh. M., Dauletbayev T. E., Demisenov B. N., Abatov N. T., Ysmagul R. S., Kalzhanov M. U., Poezzhalov V. M., Utemisova A. A.  Currently, the head of the Department of mathematics is candidate of pedagogical Sciences, associate Professor Utemisova Anar Altayevna.

The transformed Department of mathematics is a structural unit of the University that provides teaching of the fundamental foundations of mathematics, without the successful development of which it is impossible to further study special disciplines for pedagogical, technical, fundamental, economic and other specialties of the University.

The Department employs highly qualified mathematicians.

For excellent performance in different years were awarded:
  • Mayer F. f, Tastanov M. G., Muslimova A. Z., Ysmagul R. S., Demisenov B. N.-badge named after Y. Altynsarin,
  • Mayer F. f-badge " excellent student of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan»,
  • Tastanov M. G.-badge "for services to the development of science of the Republic of Kazakhstan", "Honorary worker of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan", " Honorary worker of KSU named after A. Baitursynov"
  • Demisenov B. N.-badge for the 75th anniversary of KSPI,
  • Ryschanova S. M. – the breastplate "the Best worker of KGU".

Our graduates can be found in higher and secondary educational institutions, banks and insurance companies, financial and government structures. For example, graduates of the Department of mathematics were: head of the Department Of education Shek G. G., Vice-rector for academic Affairs and NTO KSU Mayer F. F., Vice-rector for financial and economic activities Chelsu Pryakhin G., leading specialist of the city administration Zhaksybergenova M. and many others. Currently, more than 200 highly qualified specialists-graduates of the Department work in Kazakhstan, Russia, Germany and other countries. In addition, the Department has graduates of the specialty "Mathematics" - associate Professor Utemisova A. A., senior teachers Ryschanova S. M., Berdenova G. Zh., Raisova G. T., Fazylova A. A., Nurgeldina A. E. and many others.

The specialty "Mathematics" of the pedagogical direction is widely implemented multilingualism where students are taught in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English.

Research work of students is a mandatory component of the educational program of professional training and is aimed at the formation of General cultural and professional competencies in accordance with the requirements of the state higher professional education in the field of training OP "Mathematics".

Students of specialty participate in annual scientific conferences of students in Republican competition of research works of students on natural, technical, economic Sciences, in contests, which are held in the universities of Kazakhstan, in near and far abroad.

Students of the specialty " Mathematics "are trained at the military Department in the specialty "Organization of communications in the land forces". Training is provided on a state grant for both boys and girls. Upon graduation, graduates receive a military ticket and the rank of Lieutenant.

Within the framework of international cooperation, the Department closely cooperates with the Herzen state pedagogical University of Russia and the Nosov Magnitogorsk state technical University.