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A. Aitmukhambetov Institute of Engineering and Technology

Non-profit limited company "A.Baitursynov Kostanay Regional University"
About the Department
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The purpose of the Department is to ensure the growth of high-quality educational services based on the introduction of modern educational technologies.

Teachers of the Department of computer science prepare students and undergraduates to participate in University scientific conferences, national competitions, student research papers, business projects, and management of research works of students.

Educational work is aimed at ensuring the integrity of the process of teaching and educating students, creating a cultural and educational environment that contributes to the formation of a scientific worldview, spirituality and morality. Traditionally, events dedicated to public holidays of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Republic Day, Independence Day, and Constitution Day are planned and held at the level of the faculty and Department. Every year, the curatorial hours discuss the message Of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbayev.

The main goal of research work of students is to expand the scientific potential and develop the skills of research activities. Creating conditions for discussions and acquiring public speaking skills, identifying talented young people, as well as forming a national intellectual elite in the field of information technology.

The research topics of the Department's faculty, undergraduates, and doctoral students are:
  • intelligent systems for managing and regulating technological processes;
  • intelligent knowledge assessment and control systems using the shingle algorithm;
  • image recognition algorithms and methods using GPUs
  • automated sign language translation systems of the Kazakh sign language, taking into account the semantic component
  • formation of professional competence of future computer science teachers; development of electronic manuals with multimedia elements; formation of information competence of teachers
  • designing the content of education along the trajectories of the specialty vocational training in the context of updating technological education at school.

The Department has established relations with the St. Petersburg national research University of information technologies, mechanics and optics and the Kazan national research technological University for cooperation in the field of science.

Students take an active part in various competitions, subject Olympiads, showing their excellent knowledge and erudition.

During the academic year, the Department carries out career guidance work in the assigned schools of the city, teachers of the Department distribute advertising brochures on the specialty "computer Science" among the schools of the city and region. Teachers conduct regular career guidance work with participants of Olympiads, conferences, seminars on computer science, with gifted children through the RSPC "Daryn" to attract them to the number of students of the Institute. Through the regional Institute for advanced training of computer science teachers Tsyganova A.D., Dauletbaeva G. B. there is a constant methodological work with students of courses on the organization of career guidance at their workplaces. Teachers travel to schools in Kostanay region with the Institute's campaign group.

The Department maintains creative relations with schools and educational institutions.